What’s the Best Affiliate Marketing Strategy For Success?

You may have heard from affiliate marketers that the secret is to sell what is already selling. Many would agree with that, however, that’s only part of the picture. When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are some other things you need to be aware of before you scream “sell, sell, sell”…

This is especially important if you are only getting started as an affiliate marketer. Since you are wanting to learn how to become successful with affiliate marketing, you need to follow a solid affiliate marketing strategy that has been proven to work time and time again.

One of the better known and more respected affiliate marketing strategies is to presell. Unlike pushy sales tactics, you are not trying to so much sell your prospects on the product you are promoting. In fact, you are preselling. You are telling them all about the problem they are having and how this product is going to solve it for them.

You are warming up your prospects to buy the product. Without this trust factor, it is going to be very difficult to continue with your sales. People are not going to take your word and run away. After all, you are telling them how it is, you are aggressively recommending a product that you know they are looking for, why they need it, and you are providing them with a solution they have been looking for.

Preselling is the art of telling rather than pushing. While you are not saying much, you need to get your prospect to really consider what you are saying. They have to be curious enough to want more. They have to trust you before they will buy.

Again, preselling is not pushing, but if you can get your prospects to really want what you have to say, the sales will come. At the end of the day, the only person who makes the money is the vendor of the product who got them hooked.

You can not presell without a site. You cannot presell without marketing. And you cannot presell without choosing a product that you have experience with and are knowledgeable about.

If you want to really make money online with affiliate marketing, you have to get into the mind of the customer. How do you think a person might feel when they are on your website and they see a banner telling them to buy this great product? When the customer gets to the product page they will have a sense of hesitation. They may believe they are being clever by not buying the product and will hit the back button.

The smart marketer will feel the customer’s mind and will guide them to the order button. This is what is known as a call to action. You are telling them exactly what to do.

In affiliate marketing, you do not have to convince your prospects to buy the product, you only have to get them interested enough to click on your affiliate link and end up at the product page. The product page has a sales letter that will sell the prospect on the product. With your affiliate link embedded in the sales letter, you will make a commission when the prospect buys the product.

In summary, freshly started affiliate marketers have a lot to learn before they can make money online. Learn about the product, Learn how to pre-sell, study copywriting, marketing and human behavior. There is money to be made and with the right information, you will succeed.

Rob Martins

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