Achieving Online Success – 3 Mindset Skills You Dare Not Miss

Most of the people I have mentioned this list to for the first time give the impression that it is so obvious that I need not even mention it at all.

But over the last several years working with many different types of people online I have discovered that the things that seem the easiest and most obvious to understand are also the easiest to underestimate or forget altogether.

Here are 3 truths about affiliate marketing that you can use to be a much better affiliate marketer and make more money online.

1)There is a LOT of competition out there.

So you must adjust to this and play to win in this difficult game we call affiliate marketing. There are many so-called “gurus” who tout that you can make tons of money overnight and there is a lot of proof for this but the proof is in the pudding and most of it is flip flops.

I can honestly tell you that if you want to make a lot of money doing this you need to put in the time and do things your own way.

2)Stay organized.

Organization is very important in so many ways, especially in our home-based business.

Do you control the list you keep of the customers names and email addresses?

How do you collect them?

Is the information easily accessed?

Do you control the emails you send out?

The Thank You pages that lead prospects to the appropriate upsell programs you want them to participate in?

I doubt it.

An Internet Marketer once told me that most of his sales came from one of his products being referred to by his thank-you pages.

He said that if he had been more organized in his sales he would have made more money.

In this type of business where things are constantly changing and new products come out every week, you must be organized and be able to write out your sales plan in advance.

3)Have Patience.

It is entirely possible to make money with affiliate marketing online, but it will take some patience.

How much patience will you have?

You may start seeing sales right away.

But you also need to build a list of people to email about and to buy products from.

The reality is that it takes a little time to build a substantial list.

Many people are put off joining an affiliate program until they have built a list of buyers.

They are usually disappointed when the make no money with their first attempt.

My advice is to give it a try.

Find out what kind of affiliate program you want to promote and then give it a try.

Unless you have a couple of years experience and can surf the net see the ClickBank market place, you will fail without doing your research..

Once you join the program and have your seeker link, you should use that link to send traffic to your affiliate site.

Keep using that link to build your list and explore the way the program works to build your income.

Rob Martins

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