4 Strategies Affiliate Marketers Often Forget

Submit Your Website to Search Engines!

Okay, we’ve all been there. You’ve spent months or years creating a site with rich content that provides real value to your visitors. You’ve spent countless hours optimizing your site for search engines. You’ve got great content, fantastic products, and a great product niche. You’re just not quite where you need to be on a frequent basis to stay ahead of the pack. Without regularly added content, your site will rank slowly and may never gain much traffic in the process. Submitting your website to search engines can be a great way to get traffic, though some of the search engines require that you can reason your site is relevant or it will be indexed as dead.

Don’t randomly select affiliate programs with products that don’t match the topic of your website.

If your website is about traveling, then don’t advertise Construction equipment. If your website is about children’s clothing, then don’t advertise cell phones. A few affiliate programs may add relevant advertisers to your website, but if your website is about traveling, then you should have ads for products and services about traveling. Later, when your site is indexed and running to its second page, you’ll be pleasantly surprised (and perhaps richer) to find that parent companies are paying quite well for the traffic you deliver.

Be deliberate in where you place your affiliate links.

Too many blogs and affiliate websites aren’t strategic in where they place their links. They assume that a banner ad or a little corner text strip somewhere will draw in the prospects. You need to integrate your links throughout your articles, in your video descriptions, or anywhere else it is easy for your customer to find. Remember, you are solving their problems. Make it easy for them to find what they need.


Focus on your Target Audience.

Getting people to view your site is only half of the battle. You have to keep them there. The best way to do this is to write articles that are related to your product, but also about the product’s audience. For example, if you are selling an eBook about st Happiness, you might write a list of 10 Tips for Happening on Your First holiday! You users came to your blog for a reason. If you want them to be repeat visitors keep giving them the content that they want.

Affiliate Marketing can be a fairly involved process in the beginning, but once you set a solid foundation, you can passively make a decent chunk of money and then focus on growth.

Rob Martins

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